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About PJK Masonry Contractors Skokie

When it comes to any tuckpointing and masonry Skokie work that you need to get done, PJK Construction Company Skokie is the best choice. Over 20 years in the industry, we have delivered outstanding services to different properties in the local area, including commercial and residential establishments. We provide a wide range of services for your choosing: from masonry and tuckpointing and basement waterproofing around Skokie. 

Among construction companies Skokie, clients trust us with high quality results they desire within rates they can afford. We use premium materials that will give you the output you have in mind without jeopardizing the quality of the work. Leave it to us to not make your infrastructure sturdy and strong for years to come but also beautiful and apt for your business or residential needs.

Services Provided By Our Masonry & Tuckpointing Skokie Company

Having a reliable construction company in Skokie for your masonry can significantly benefit you and property in the long haul. At PJK Construction, we offer a generous variety of services to maintain your property’s strong and stylish structure.

  • Masonry Skokie

    Once you spot cracks in your brick walls, consult us immediately so we can perform a proper inspection of your property. Our masonry contractors Skokie can take care of your brickwork, chimney, and fireplace. Our crew works promptly to provide swift services for your convenience.

  • Tuckpointing Skokie

    Our excellent contractors can give your brickworks a proper makeover by providing our tuckpointing Skokie service for your residential or commercial property. We will make your brick walls look better than we found them with our precise skills and keen attention to detail. Give us a call today!

  • Commercial Building
    Construction Skokie

    When it comes to masonry work, you can rely on our skills to make the best out of any property, including commercial buildings in the local area. At PJK Construction Company Skokie, we can meet your desired standards no matter the size of the property. We provide excellent inspection for thorough work ahead.

  • Residential Building
    Construction Skokie

    For your residential needs, our company provides masonry services in Skokie to restore the design and build of your exterior brick walls, fireplace, and chimney. We also provide repairs to get back your place in excellent condition. We excel at any brickwork your property may need, so rest assured we are here to help.

  • Waterproofing

    Our waterproofing services in Skokie play an essential part in preventing water penetration (and therefore mold infestation) from occurring to your property. We provide various types of waterproofing, including foundation waterproofing and basement waterproofing Skokie. You can rely on our services no matter the occasion. Consult us today!

Call Us or Send a Quote

You may call us at our hotlines to ask for our quotes. Our service rates vary depending on the service you want to avail of. Our tuckpointing contractors Skokie can assist you anytime. Call us!

Accept Our Quote

We offer quotes for every service we provide, whether you are planning to avail of our tuckpointing, or waterproofing services. Once you have agreed with our quote, we can begin the work.

Determine Details With Us

Before proceeding with the particular service, feel free to discuss the underlying details with us, so we can perform the work as swiftly as possible. We cater to residential and commercial properties for your convenience.

Enjoy The End Result

With over 20 years of experience in the business, you can rest assured your commercial or residential property is in great hands with our expert masonry contractors in Skokie. Go ahead and consult with us!


Why Choose Us Among Other Masonry Skokie Companies?

20 Years of Experience

As a veteran among masonry companies Skokie, PJK Construction is proud of its 20 years of service in the business. You can trust us to deliver high quality results that improve your overall property.

High Quality Materials

We achieve excellent results using high quality materials and equipment for the best masonry, tuckpointing, and waterproofing in the Skokie area. Expect efficient work done when you hire our team.

Projects Finished On Time

For every project we perform, we aim for excellence and efficiency. As a result, we complete projects on time while maximizing all the materials on hand. Our goal is to leave you with satisfactory results.

Unbeatable Customer Service

When it comes to reliable masonry Skokie services, PJK Construction has got you covered! We serve various properties in the local area and provide an approachable vibe to achieve excellent customer service. Call us!

Free Estimates

At PJK Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Skokie Company, our free estimates allow you to decide on our services and attain all the information you need before you hire our contractors. We can also assist you with any questions.

Expert Masonry Contractors

With years of experience in the masonry industry around Skokie, you can take confidence in the fact that our masonry experts are the best at what they do. We have a dedicated crew at your service anytime.

  • Our area is prone to flooding, and the first thing it hits is our basement. As a permanent remedy, we finally found these contractors among other waterproofing companies Skokie to do the basement waterproofing. Now we don’t have to worry about flooding again!

    Elijah Myers
  • For many years, I made sure my exterior brick walls were properly washed. I always hire PJK General Contractor Skokie to do the job since they have been in the business for over 15 years, so I trust their services.

    Steve Parker

Advantages of PJK Masonry Skokie Contractors

Maintain the sophisticated condition of your brickwork with our professional masonry service in Skokie. Whether you need a repair, a replacement, or a fresh installation of masonry for your home or commercial structure, trust us to deliver precise and worry free work you can enjoy for years ahead. Our masonry contractors in Skokie are trained to deliver our standard quality of service. No matter which contractor gets assigned to your property, you can expect them to do flawless work for your tuckpointing satisfaction. 

We deliver projects on time and offer reasonable rates for affordable hiring. We have the expertise to work on any structure size while aiming to achieve your exact vision. Let us know your special requests. Call us!

What You Should Know About Masonry & Tuckpointing Skokie? Choose Our Professional Masonry Contractors Skokie To Take Care Of Yours Masonry!

Masonry offers different units including brick, concrete block, and stone. These are laid in layers using cement mortar to bind everything together. Choosing the right masonry unit depends on the purpose of the structure and the vibe you are going for. Brick is a default favorite among all other masonry materials. You can layer them in different styles with a low-maintenance finish. For a sturdy foundation, concrete block masonry is often preferred in old homes. They are larger than bricks, which make them faster to build in layers. Stonemasonry lets you choose between a dressed and undressed stone. Dressed stones are perfect for home exteriors and hearths because of the clean look they provide.

Masonry or tuckpointing Skokie is a labor-intensive job that requires specialization. At PJK Masonry Contractors, we have high-skilled tuckpointing contractors carefully chosen to provide high-quality services to all our customers in the suburbs. They have expertise in working with different masonry units whether your property requires cement, clay, brick, or stone material. Any finish from a minimalist design to elaborate details can be done by our professional masonry contractors Skokie. If you are looking for the best among the masonry companies in the area, look no further! PJK Masonry Contractors Skokie can do it all for you! We provide premium results you can afford!

Basic Knowledge About Tuckpointing Skokie & Masonry Skokie

What tuckpointing stands for?
Tuckpointing is the process of restoring the structure of a brick using mortar to fill the joint. The color used is similar to the color of the bricks to make it appear monolithic. Our tuckpointing contractors Skokie can help you protect your building structure from damage, moisture, and other problems.

How often to tuckpoint my bricks?
A typical lifespan of mortar is 25 to 30 years, so you may need to have tuckpointing after that. If you are unsure of your bricks’ age and condition, call our professional masonry contractors Skokie to get a professional assessment regarding the condition of your building.

What are the signs to look for to know if I need Tuckpointing?
If you notice powdery lime mortar that crumbles to touch, holes, and cracks in your mortar, it could indicate that you need tuckpointing. Get a professional assessment from our professional masonry contractors Skokie to identify your building’s overall condition and provide an accurate solution to restore the beauty of your home.