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PJK Pressure Washing, Power Washing Arlington Heights


About PJK Masonry & Power Washing Arlington Heights Company

Need power washing services around Arlington Heights? Our company is here to deliver! PJK Power Washing Arlington Heights Company has been around in the business for the last 20 years. This makes our services highly reliable no matter what property you have. Trust our contractors to get all kinds of surfaces clean, whether your garage, brick wall, or driveway. We provide exceptional power washing in the Arlington Heights area within reasonable rates. Our contractors use premium tools and equipment that allow us to leave you with beyond satisfactory results without costing a fortune. When you hire our company, you are getting the best services you can possibly have. You can trust us to remove all kinds of dirt and grime on your residential or commercial surface by leaving all the work to us.

PJK Power Washing & Pressure Washing

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Professional Power Washing Arlington Heights

There is no better way to freshen up your surfaces than with our professional power washing services from PJK Construction. Whether you have a residential space or a commercial establishment, we apply powerful pressure washing to your brick walls or concrete surfaces to leave them clean, tidy and well maintained. Leave it to our expertise to remove all dirt, grease, paint, grime, and debris from brick, patio, concrete, and similar surfaces with efficient and professional work applied. At Pressure Washing Arlington Heights Company, we use the highest level of technology available to achieve outstanding pressure washing in Arlington Heights. Try our services today!


Why Choose Us for Power Washing Arlington Heights?

20 Years of Experience

All exceptional services in any industry have many years of experience behind them, which we also emphasize at PJK Pressure Washing Arlington Heights Company. We have brilliant contractors in our team who can provide outstanding results within reasonable costs. Feel free to contact us.

Top-Quality Materials

Nothing achieves impressive pressure washing in Arlington Heights than premium tools and equipment. As with the materials, we inspect everything before using them in the project to ensure everything goes smoothly on our end. Contact us to know more information.

On-Time Completion

We have seasoned contractors in our team that have the expertise to complete the projects on time as agreed upon. We follow a reasonable timeline and update you every step of the way so you can be in the loop until project completion.

  • Our large interlocking patio in the backyard was about to be replaced. Then we called PJK Pressure Washing Arlington Heights Company to provide a serious power washing. The patio looks brand new. They saved us a ton of money by not having to replace the old patio.

    Eric Woody
  • I neglected my driveway for years, never getting in a company for pressure washing Arlington Heights. But then I called PJK Construction and I was very happy with the results. My driveway looks new again. Thanks for the great help.

    Derek Moore
  • We have a vintage home with beautiful brick walls that were looking rather drab until PJK Power Washing Arlington Heights Company came in for a professional power washing. We absolutely love the finish to our bricks again.

    Roger Hathaway

PJK Power Washing Arlington Heights Advantages Over Competition

Power washing is an absolute necessity in keeping your surfaces clean and well maintained. When looking for the right company to supply the exact quality of pressure washing in Arlington Heights, look no further. Our company is here to serve you! With over 20 years of exposure in the industry, we are not only experienced but experts at what we do.

Our services are designed with our clients’ needs in mind. We target 100% customer satisfaction and we do this by exerting our best efforts each time. We can make any grime surface look brand new with our professional power washing service for Arlington Heights properties. Whether you need it for your gutters, garage, or driveway, try our services today!

Check The Benefits of Pressure Washing Arlington Heights. Choose Professional Pressure Washing With PJK Power Washing Arlington Heights!

Power washing Arlington Heights can take away hours of cleaning from your day with its efficient method. Surfaces of any property can be cleaned thoroughly whether you have a residential or commercial space. At PJK Pressure Washing Arlington Heights, our services are suitable for your sidewalks, patios, structure exteriors, and other surfaces.

Generally, pressure washing Arlington Heights can be applied in various cleaning contexts. First, you can avail of this service to maintain or restore the look of your property. Investing in pressure washing pre-selling can boost the market price of your property and enhance its appeal to potential buyers. Second, this proves to be an efficient way of removing all grimes, dirt, and even salt deposits on your concrete sidewalks and other pathways. This can significantly prevent surface weathering. Third, our power washing service in Arlington Heights goes a long way in providing longevity to your property. Say no more to deck replacement when you avail of our service from PJK Pressure Washing. We bring the best pressure washing ever in the whole of Arlington Heights!

With our company at your service, there is no need to allocate time and strain your body from scrubbing your surfaces. Leave it to our professional cleaning experts to perform all the work for you! We use cutting-edge technology and anti-bacterial solutions to ensure the cleanliness of all your surfaces. We will keep your property fresh and sanitized! Give us a call today!

Power Washing Arlington Heights Vs. Pressure Washing Arlington Heights
What’s The Difference Between Those Services?

The terms power washing and pressure washing is often used interchangeably. While both use highly pressurized water to remove dirt, some key differences determine their functions and services. Their process and uses might seem confusing, but we are here to clear things up and explain their procedure. Knowing these things will help you understand and know what exactly you need for your home.

What is Power Washing?

A power washer uses a high-pressure stream of hot water to remove dirt and materials from outdoor surfaces. The combination of hot water and high-pressure water makes it better at taking off all those tough dirt from surfaces. Power washing Arlington Heights is a perfect choice for removing residue like mildew, salt, molds from outdoor decks, driveway, siding, patios, and more. The high-temperature water makes it particularly great at removing things like chewing gums from the floor or sidewalk. Because of the high-temperature water, it is essential to trust the professionals to handle your power washing services Arlington Heights.

What is Pressure Washing?

Unlike power washing, pressure washing is performed at an average temperature of the water. The cleaning process depends on the force of water rather than temperature. The force of pressure washing Arlington Heights comes out at a higher pressure, and it will blast away the mold, mildew, dirt, and other hazardous materials. Pressure washing is done with heavy machinery and should be performed by professionals since it could damage your home's siding and paint job. If you are looking for professional pressure washing services Arlington Heights, give us a call.